Photography Links     

California Historical Society

The photographic collection contains over half a million images, its strength residing in nineteenth and early twentieth century materials. Among the collections are daguerreotypes, albumen prints, stereo views and photographic albums.

Center for Creative Photography

The Center for Creative Photography is a museum and research institution dedicated to photography as an art form and cultural record. Also includes access to some of the Center's vast holdings and resources.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic Museum

History and photographic images relating to the Central Pacific Railroad.

Classic Life Magazine Photography

During the 36 years that LIFE existed as a weekly publication, some of the world's best photographers worked as LIFE staff photographers and took thousands upon thousands of photographs that now live in the LIFE archives.

The Daguerrian Society

The Daguerrian Society website has several galleries of daguerreotypes on display along with resources on daguerreotypes and information on their organization.

The Fox Talbot Museum

The Fox Talbot Museum commemorates the life and work of William Henry Fox Talbot who invented the positve/negative process and is known as The Father of Modern Photography.

George Eastman House International Museum of Photography  

The George Eastman House features an outstanding web site with changing photography exhibits, timeline of photography, and access to their photography collections.

Musee Autochromes Lumiere

Site dedicated to the Lumiere Brothers and the Autochrome process, the first commercial color photography.

Mystic Seaport Photography Collection

One of the largest maritime photographic archives in North America, containing over 300,000 images from the 1840s to the present. These images span a wide range of commercial and recreational maritime activity, from New England shipbuilding to Arctic exploration. Among the most significant is a collection of images of Inuit peoples taken by a whaling captain, George Comer.

National Museum of Photography (UK)

The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in the United Kingdom has information about their various exhibits and a picture library, also a display of cameras and other photographic equipment.

Nicephore Niepce

Site dedicated to the inventor of photography, Nicephore Niepce.

Royal Photographic Society (UK)

Promoting the art and science of photography, has links to the society's vast online collection and various exhibitions.

Photographic Historical Society of Canada  

Online gallery with information on Canadian photography. 

Woodburytype Resource Site

An informative site on the early photomechanical process invented by Walter B. Woodbury.


                                                         Individual Photographers Websites

Jeff Ladd

Website of photographer Jeff Ladd. Laddís photographs have been widely exhibited in venues that have included the International Center of Photography, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Howard Greenberg Gallery. His photographs are in the permanent collections of The Brooklyn Museum of Art and The Museum of the City of New York.